Clairol Color Crave hair makeup – flaunt your fearless

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Shake. Shimmer. Dry. Go. Clairol Color Crave temporary bronze hair makeup puts a little luxe in your locks. Shimmering hair makeup instantly adds 1-day wow that’s visible with any hair color, even the darkest brunettes. Change your mind or your mood? They shampoo away in 1-2 washes. With no ammonia, no peroxide, no parabens, and no commitment, there’s no reason not to flaunt your fearless.

Features And Benefits

Shimmering hair makeup for 1-day wow.

Precision sponge applicator for easy styling.

Visible on even the darkest hair.

Commitment-free. Washes out with shampoo.



How It Works:

Step 1: Shake – Just shake the tube to activate the color.

Step 2: Shimmer – Use the precision sponge applicator to gently swipe on shimmering hair makeup.

Step 3: Dry – Activate and set the color with your everyday hair dryer.

Step 4: Go – Now you’re ready to flaunt your fearless. To remove color, wash out with shampoo.



How It Looks:


Shimmering Platinum on Blonde.


Brilliant Amethyst on Medium.



Shimmering Rose Gold on Dark.




What is hair makeup? How will the product look in my hair?
Color Crave Hair Makeup provides shimmering color that’s visible on all hair types, light to dark. There are six shades to choose from. You can try one or multiple colors together for endless great looks.
How long does the hair makeup last?
The hair makeup washes out with shampoo. Most of the product is removed with just one shampoo; additional shampooing may be needed to fully remove the product. Try a new look tomorrow!

Does it work on all base hair colors?
Yes! It is visible on all hair types and textures, even the darkest shades!

Does it have any damaging effect on hair?
It is a damage-free formula.

Can you use other styling products with this color?
Yes, you may style as usual.

How is this different from Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color?
The two products differ in end look and lastingness (level of commitment). Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup is a glittery, shimmering makeup that washes out with shampoo, offering a no-commitment look that you can change as often as you like! Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color is a vibrant, semi-permanent hair color offered in a broad range of shades that lasts 15+ shampoos. Both products allow you to express your unique style without the commitment of permanent color, with no ammonia, peroxide, or parabens.

Some Clairol hair dyes

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