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Hi, there. It’s I, ‘Seyi. So I have decided to let you in on a secret I’ve been holding on to for several months now. I just launched my ecommerce store –

The 1k Shop

No, it’s not a cliché. There are products out there that we can bring to you without you having to break a sweat. A few clicks, and you’ll have your order at your doorstep within 24 hours, depending on your location.

With the pandemic, the world is changing; although traveling has been restored in many locations, it’s no longer as convenient and as luxurious as it used to be. Shopping abroad has never been the same since COVID-19 had the world on its knees. The 1K Shop is determined to bring back the fun of shopping, albeit online, bringing the world to you at prices you couldn’t find anywhere else. What’s more, we work with the best logistics partners to make this very pragmatic but more fun.

My favourite line is “live well, don’t break bank.” It’s not thrift; it’s bulk buy, so basically you’re sharing our bulk with many people who are now part of the 1K Shop family.

We work with wholesalers around the world, especially the UK, to bring in products meet for purpose.

So why don’t you head over to now to pick some of your favourite products?


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    Ninagbai says:

    Mehnn !!!am blown away already.just within less than 24 hrs of ordering,I got my order.intially I thought it was a scam.Even my friend bet with me that I have been scammed.To my utmost suprise I got a Call a call from a dispatcher,that my order is at my door step.And to crown it…..the product I ordered came at 1000, yes 1000 percent less than what I originally bought it…1k shop you’ve got me all to your self…..

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