Schwarzkopf 100% Vegetal – Copper


If you have more than 30% of grey hair, the color result will naturally be lighter and more transparent.

For long or very thick hair we recommend using two packs.


Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder · Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder · Acacia Concinna Fruit Powder · Eclipta Prostrata Leaf Powder · Prunus Persica Fruit Extract · Acacia Catechu Wood Extract · Rubia Cordifolia Root Extract · Prunus Domestica Fruit Extract · Emblica Officinalis Fruit Extract · Coffea Arabica Seed Extract · Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract

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Natural Ingredients
Schwarzkopf 100% Vegetal is based on Ayurvedic plants & herbs. They are key components of Ayurveda and are traditionally used in India to keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance. Each of them are said to have unique benefits and superpowers and our pure formulations are limited to a maximum of 11 ingredients. All our 100% Vegetal ingredients grow in very different parts of India. Some plants grow better in the mountains, while some others need more water, grow in large fields or need hotter or colder climate.

Our natural plant powder colorations are based on three main ingredients:

Henna: Trusted by thousands of years of tradition, henna coats and colors the hair while sealing the cuticle for strong hair with healthy shine.

Senna: Sometimes called “neutral henna”, this Ayurvedic herb is traditionally used to enhance yellow-gold tones.

Indigo: The deep blue tones which come from the Indigo plant’s leaves make it one of the world’s most time-honored natural dyes – and can be used to achieve a striking dark hair color.

Our natural hair colorations are enhanced with additional ayurvedic plants and herbs to provide you with a unique coloration experience:

Shikakai: One of the most commonly used ingredients in Ayurvedic hair treatments, Shikakai is an Acacia plant said to contain important micro-nutrient.

Catechu: Catechu is an extract from the heart wood and bark of the Acacia tree, which has been used for centuries in India as a natural dye to enhance brown tones.

Myrobalan: The Myrobalan tree grows native across India, Nepal, and other South Asian countries. Its fruit is well known in Ayurveda, and is often used to enhance dyes.

Manjistha: The powdered root of Manjistha, an herb native to the Himalayas, has long been used in Ayurveda for a variety of applications and is said to have a cooling energy.

Amla: Also called Indian Gooseberry, Amla is common in Ayurvedic tradition. Rich in essential fatty acids, it is traditionally known for giving hair strength and shine.

Bhringraj: Also known as “false daisy” thanks to its delicate white flowers, Bhringraj is often used in Ayurvedic hair treatments thanks to its traditionally recognized caring and conditioning qualities.

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